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Give It One More Chance

A Self-Guided Comprehensive Solution With Personalized Attention For Your Needs

Because, we think we’ve got a unique and winning strategy to help you realize the experience of your life – that of a secure and satisfying partnership.

You Deserve a Fulfilling Partnership

Indeed, all relationships ebb and flow.  But, the accustomed space you find your relationship in is different and you know it.  Maybe, the shift felt dramatic, or even traumatic. There was an act of violence or a sexual transgression. Maybe, you are caught in an endless power struggle that has left the relationship battered and bruised. Or, maybe the tension has thickened slowly over time. Drop after drop of neglect and deafening silence has created a wall of disconnection and chronic anguish.

However the path, your current situation feels despairing. Connection is a human need and there is none to be found with the partner that you promised forever. Between wake-up to bedtime, all you feel is disengagement from parallel lives. 

Your relationship needs an urgent path back and you can’t find it on your own. 

What’s Involved?

  • Video and Audio Learning
  • Experiential Exercises
  • Individualized Hands-On Support for You and Your Partner
  • Optional Add-On: A Weekend Intensive, dedicated solely to you and your partner

Our program is designed to give you one or more of many good outcomes:

  • Unsticking your relationship, and take it not to the place it was but to a place better than it has ever been before
  • Allowing you to sleep well, knowing that you did everything you could for your marriage, your children and yourself
  • Teaching you what you need to learn about yourself so that you can be a good partner in this relationship or the next
  • Creating the necessary foundation for full respect living and loving

With that winning formula, you just gotta give it one more chance.

a personalized experience

Weekend Intensives

For those that are traveling from outside the Washington, DC area or for those that want a condensed jumpstart to a new relationship

We will work in a highly intense and compact format that allows your relationship to heal and grow. This is a personalized experience, not a group. The weekend will be focused entirely on you as a couple. Progress can be made in a shortened amount of time rather than the months it would take in once a week couples therapy.

Ready to Give it Another Try?

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