Give it one more chance

​Join our online transformative program for couples in crisis. Learn how to shift your partnership from heartache to pleasure, how to become your best relational self and how to live your fullest life of love.


You either stay in your relationship and be miserable. Or, you leave for the terrifying unknown, maybe just to repeat the pattern with someone new. Or, maybe … You give it one more chance.

I get you...

You feel scared, overwhelmed, alone and hopeless.

Your once blissful relationship is now in dire straits. You thought you were ready for love’s journey. Or, maybe you thought you were ready-enough. Or, maybe you did not even know you should get ready.

What happened?

My guess is that no one told you about love’s projectory. That falling in love is easy, but growing and maintaining love is an extremely difficult art and skill that must be learned and mastered with intentional hard work. 

You probably thought time would help. Nope. Time just made it worse. More denial. More anger turned resentment. More automated bad habits of disrespectful living.

Getting your relationship on track feels like an uphill climb. Miles slogging barefoot in the snow. 

I understand. You are in need of a relational emergency room, yesterday. A part of you thinks it would be easier to give up. But, what about the kids? And fear? And history? And money? And identity? And the shred of love left? And starting over? (you know you will). AARGH!

Perhaps, you are willing to give it one more chance.

You’ve come to the right place.

Give It One More Chance

A Self-Guided Comprehensive Solution With Personalized Attention For Your Needs

We’ve put together a cutting-edge, online program based on psychological research and years of practical application to teach you all this and more.
Not only will you be getting an extensive educational program packed with secrets for relational success, but you will also be talking weekly with Ginger Sullivan, a relationship expert. These individualized video meetings will occur at your convenience in the comfort of your home.
You and your partner deserve to give it one more chance.


Read our success Stories

As a friend and professional colleague when I have a local New York City client who is seeking individual, couples or group therapy in the Washington DC area—I only recommend Ginger Sullivan. I share honestly and openly that if I were in DC, I would go and see her. Kind, caring, direct, fierce and simultaneously compassionate. I admire her intelligence, intuition and humor. 


Laura Y.

Ginger’s quick wit, sharp intellect, and deep understanding are palpable the moment you sit across from her. She brings her full self and experience into every moment with her clients. She has a knack for taking incredibly complex psychoanalytic topics and distilling them down to their essential elements. With couples she can deliver powerful insights that lead to palpable change.


Marc A.

Ginger has been instrumental in improving my life and enhancing our marriage. She is very skilled, incredibly caring and her sense of humor helps a lot when the situation creates tension. I recommend her highly and without reservation. Change yourself, change your relationship, create a better life!


Karen S.

happy smiling man

I can’t thank you enough! I’m really enjoying this program and I wish we would have started our marriage with this program. I know our relationship would’ve been so much better from the start. This is making us both better people for ourselves first and hopefully us too.



You’ve tried it all.
You’re out of options.

I have been sitting in a chair – one form or another – for decades, studying and transforming relationships, a partnership at a time. A few years back, I threw couples in a group and my relational-growth scope widened. Now, I am taking my message large-scale – so that you too can become your highest, relational self. Because not having the know-how is no longer an excuse to be deprived of life’s juiciest offering – that of a secure and satisfying relationship.