Kelly Case

Chief Operating Officer

Even though I trained as a counselor, it was the make-it-happen energy that lit my fire. So, in 2013, I left direct care and started my own virtual assistance company so that I could help others do what they do best.
In, 2015, I met Ginger and we have had a happily working marriage ever since. She does the work, but I run the show. What Ginger lacks in terms of technical know-how, numbers, design and customer service, I am on it. Behind the scene. Making it all happen.Think of me as your “Give It One More Chance Concierge.” Anything you need, ask me. While Ginger has her head in the relational cloud, I get it done.
I live in Ohio with my husband and three children. That is, until Ginger convinces me to move, But shhh … don’t tell her. It ain’t gonna happen.