Ginger Sullivan


I have been sitting in a chair – one form or another – for decades, studying and transforming relationships, a partnership at a time. A few years back, I threw couples in a group and my relational-growth scope widened. Now, I am taking my message large-scale – that you too can become your highest, relational self. Because not having the know-how is no longer an excuse to be deprived of life’s juiciest offering – that of a secure and satisfying relationship.
I am a pushy sort. Never one to settle, I use my quick wit, my sharp intellect and my deep understanding to nudge others out of their comfort zone. To check all the boxes, I am a bona-fide psychotherapist, certified group therapist, certified Relational Life Coach at the master level (AKA, Terry Real’s “The New Rules of Marriage”), wife, mom, author and forever student of all things human.

But, for our purposes here, you get my heart. My showing up. Why? Because, I believe in the power of the work. And you deserve my best so that you can discover yours.

Let’s do this …